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Additive Manufacturing Tools: Our Top Picks

Additive Manufacturing Tools: Our Top Picks

The market place is flooded with choice when it comes to choosing the right additive manufacturing tool for your business. There are many variables to consider – what are you using tool for, how important is it in the manufacturing or learning process, and what features are most important to you. It can be a harrowing decision process when confronted with so many options!

That’s why we’ve compiled our recommendations for the top additive manufacturing tools on the market right now, and the reasons behind each choice.

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Before we delve into our top picks, let’s first get one thing out of the way – what is additive manufacturing?

Also referred to as ‘advanced manufacturing’, additive manufacturing is the process of printing 3D models – whether these are used as part of the prototyping process by manufacturers, as part of the learning process for schools and universities, or as a means of producing full quality and fully functioning parts in the industrial space. The printed 3D models are achieved by a process of computer controlled solidification, where a 3D object is created in a layer-by-layer process.

So, what are the best 3D printing machines out there? Let’s find out…

Spee3D – Fully Functional 3D Metal Parts

Spee3D is a big name in the 3D printing sphere, having joined the market with a bang after winning the prestigious Bosch Venture Award for the best start-up company in 2015. Another attractive feature of this 3D printing machine is its unique operational process – it is the first 3D printer of its kind to produce 3D metal parts through a process known as 3D metal deposition. Using this technology, Spee3D produce optimum quality 3D metal parts that are fully functional! This additive manufacturing tool is perfect for use by manufacturers in the industrial space.

spee3d metal parts printer
Learn more about the Spee3D 3D Metal Parts Printer here

Mimaki – Quality Colour 3D Models

Thanks to the Mimaki 3D Colour Printer, you can now print high quality 3D models with amazing colour definition. The Mimaki is the only 3D colour printer that has over 10 million colours to choose from, ensuring that your 3D models are of the best possible quality, and cater exactly to the user’s design needs and vision. The Mimaki also features no ink bleeds thanks to precisely controlled ink droplets. This colour printer is suited to signage, textile and industrial products , also useful in the prototyping stages of the manufacturing process.

Learn more about the Mimaki 3D Colour Printer here

Voxeljet – Industrial Sand Molds

The Voxeljet VX4000 is the world’s largest 3D industrial printer for sand molds. This 3D printer can economically produce molds which vary in size from very large to a series of small components or a combination of both. The Voxeljet VX4000 maximises productivity and flexibility thanks to its uniquely large volume facility. This printer is best for those in the industrial niche.

Largest 3D Industrial Printer
Learn more about the VX4000 Industrial 3D Printer here

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