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Additive Manufacturing: The Next Industrial Revolution

Additive Manufacturing: The Next Industrial Revolution

RMIT recently held a seminar at their Advanced Manufacturing Precinct, welcoming over 100 industry visitors to witness their offerings in additive manufacturing, touted to be the next Industrial Revolution.

A leader in Additive Manufacturing, RMIT’s Professor Milan Brandt presented on the University’s latest acquisition, a TRUMPF TruLaser Cell 7020, housed in the Precinct.

“The TruLaser Cell 7020 we acquired from TRUMPF and Headland can be configured for laser cutting, laser welding and laser additive manufacture with both powder and wire feedstock so it is a very versatile machine allowing companies to explore the full potential of laser technology”,

“Given the climate, and with Ford withdrawing their Australian operation by 2016, now is a key time to invest in various new ways of manufacturing, and welding in particular to ensure more efficiencies are gained and processes are automated as much as possible. RMIT are investing heavily in exploring different ways of manufacturing in Australia, within both polymer and the laser metal deposition field.” Professor Brandt says.

RMIT Invest in Proven Technology 

RMIT’s decision to invest in the TRUMPF TruLaser Cell was based on their extensive research into TRUMPF’s proven technology and the provision of a complete turnkey solution, including software package, laser and computer numerical control.

Being a world leading educational institution, it was RMIT’s objective to acquire a system that was versatile from the teaching and research perspectives, reliable and can produce consistent results, and TRUMPF’s 3-in-1 laser system achieves exactly this.

RMIT’s Additive Manufacturing: Top Three Need to Knows for the Future 

  • Laser Cutting is ideal for teaching RMIT TAFE’s students, allowing students to learn the direct processes involved, from programming to cutting of the finished part. There is a high demand of quality laser cutting operators in Australia.
  • Laser Welding is a technology currently not utilised to its full extent in Australia. Australia is an advanced country, and innovation is a strategic key to success. Laser welding plays a vital role in achieving this and can improve the product design and quality of the finished product.
  • Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) is a class of additive manufacturing. It is a more economical alternative to repair expensive components and tools such as turbine blades, valves, pistons and shafts.

Additionally, there are many other different applications for Laser Metal Deposition that require further RMIT research, including but limited to industries such as aerospace, offshore drilling and automotive to name a few.

RMIT will be hosting an Open house for the TRUMPF Laser Cell early next year to demonstrate the capability of the machine.

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