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A Growing Industry Set To Open Up New Doors

A Growing Industry Set To Open Up New Doors

The Transport Industry is growing

A recent report has been released suggesting a strong growth within the transportation industry. This is great news to see the trade flourishing in the Australian economy.

The study has shown that Labourforce and Supply Chain sectors are growing at double the rate of the Australian economy.

Victoria has outshone the other states with an increase of 47 percent in 12 months, while NSW increased by 10.5 percent. It is great to see that the industry is growing rapidly providing jobs to many people.

Manufacturers set to be rewarded

Manufacturers set up to service the Aerospace industry will be rewarded, as there is a growing demand in the commercial aerospace market which will enable Aussie manufacturers to tap into this industry. This comes with news that META are about to launch the META National Commercial Aerospace Hub. For further information click here.

According to Managing Director, Zoran Angelkovski, the hub will assist Australian manufacturers to tap into the $50 billion market.

“The hub’s central goal is to facilitate connections between Australian manufacturers, researchers and industry experts to take advantage of huge untapped opportunities within the global aerospace market,” Mr Angelkovski said.

A constantly changing industry

There are many different ways the transportation industry is expanding and growing. Whether its the creation of new technology which helps cut down time and improve efficiency, or even new opportunities for manufacturers to access untouched markets.

The industry is constantly growing and changing and has allowed for more jobs to be created. In saying this, it still has room for improvement and hopefully will continue to be one of Australia’s rapidly thriving industries.