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4000 metric tons of CO2 are saved annually by the TRUMPF laser-blanking system


TRUMPF, the high-tech company, will be launching a new laser-blanking solution at its INTECH in-house trade show in March 2023. The TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition is a highly attractive option for any company interested in flexible, high-volume solutions for sheet metal fabrication. It can process up to 25 metric tons of coiled sheet metal from start to finish without any human intervention, making it a great choice for automotive suppliers and automakers, electrical cabinet manufacturers, elevator producers, and HVAC manufacturers.

Richard Bannmüller, CEO at TRUMPF Laser Technology Germany says:

“The TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition is another example of TRUMPF helping its customers to join the drive toward greater sustainability in the manufacturing industry while simultaneously boosting efficiency. Compared to conventional laser-cutting machines, the solution allows companies to save almost 1,700 metric tons of steel a year, which equates to a saving of some 4,000 metric tons of CO2 and a reduction in material costs of 1.6 million euros.”

Impressive flexibility extends to volume production

Thanks to TRUMPF’s new laser-blanking system, companies can enjoy the benefits of laser processing even in high-volume production environments. Project Manager Oliver Müllerschön, who is responsible for the new system at TRUMPF says:

“Volume manufacturers often use presses for blanking operations. But that means they need to adjust or even replace the tool whenever they make the slightest modification to their components, which ultimately costs time and money. Many industrial sectors are seeing significant reductions in the scale of individual production runs, which makes these modifications even more costly and time intensive. The laser allows users to carry out these modifications without requiring a new tool, so it’s much, easier, faster, cheaper, and more flexible,”

The high-tech company developed the new system in cooperation with SIEMENS and the mechanical engineering company ARKU. Together with TRUMPF, Siemens is responsible for the control system and ARKU for the coil system. The Fischer Group in Achern is one of the first companies to put the new solution into practice. Hans-Peter Fischer, CEO and owner of the Fischer Group also adds:

“Deploying a laser-blanking line is a new approach for us. It offers huge benefits to our production process, partly due to its high flexibility and quality, but also thanks to the fact that we require hardly any tools compared to conventional blanking presses.”

The company is an early adopter of TRUMPF’s laser-blanking system, which it uses to produce high-strength aluminium structural components for vehicle-body manufacturing.


Sustainable production and more material savings

Coil production offers improved nesting of parts compared to traditional sheets, which are limited by their four outer edges and often result in scrap or melted-down material. A coil, which can be up to 1.5 kilometres long, allows users to nest an almost endless number of parts, reducing material consumption by around 15 percent. This system also reduces construction and logistics costs, eliminates tooling costs, optimizes the use of materials, reduces assembly costs, and increases flexibility in the production environment. Additionally, the material flow is different to that of conventional 2D laser machines, resulting in much lower cycle times and new automation opportunities for high-volume production series. The system is designed to be flexible and can be adapted to any contours. It is specifically designed for thin-sheet processing and is capable of handling sheet thicknesses up to 6.5 millimetres. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of sheet metal processing applications.

Reduced cycle times due to automation

The production system is fully automated, offering impressive gains in productivity. It features an innovative system for transporting the sheet metal during cutting, as well as many of the tried-and-tested features that TRUMPF is renowned for, such as Smart Collision Prevention, which prevents cut parts from tilting and damaging the laser cutting head. The entire line from the coil stock to the pallets of finished parts can be conveniently monitored and controlled from a single operator module. This module can also be used at any of the key points in the system for set-up and servicing tasks, and the points at which parts are removed and stored are automatically programmed and displayed on the screen.

The ease of unloading

TRUMPF’s TruTops software is used to ensure fast and reliable part removal from the entire system. This software merges with Oseon in the future and calculates the input data for ready-made cycles or part programs that run on the Sinumerik. This means that users do not have to worry about the specific robot movements or how these are programmed, allowing the robot to be operated without any specialist expertise or prior training. The robot is used to unload the entire system, making the process more efficient and reliable.

TRUMPF and Siemens have collaborated to develop a control unit for an unloading system, which consists of a supporting conveyor and a robot. This control unit is powered by Sinumerik One CNC control software, which is fully integrated into the TIA Portal. The TIA Portal provides a hub for a digital engineering process, allowing data to be fed into Create MyVirtual Machine to create a digital twin of automation. This digital representation of the control unit, machine behaviour and kinematics enables virtual testing and commissioning of the system within the TIA Portal, providing a comprehensive solution for the unloading system.

Faster machine performance and time reduction

Head of Machine Tool Systems at SIEMENS Uwe Ruttkamp says:

“The Sinumerik One lies at the heart of efforts to globally transform the machine-tool industry and to future-proof manufacturing in an increasingly digitalized sector. Thanks to the seamless interaction between the virtual and real portfolios, the Sinumerik One enables machine makers such as TRUMPF to significantly reduce time to market while offering users the benefits of improved machine performance,”

ARKU, a global market and innovation leader for roller levellers, has developed the loading module. This system can accommodate coils up to 2,150 millimetres wide and can accept a variety of materials. Already available for purchase, this module is a great solution for those looking for an efficient and reliable loading system.

Are you looking for a way to improve sheet-metal processing?

Contact Headland Technology today and see how the TRUMPF laser-blanking system can help. Our experts are ready to answer any questions you may have and help you find the best solution for your needs.


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