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TruTops Boost Programming Software

TruTops Boost Programming Software

2D/3D design and programming of laser, punching, punch laser, and bending machines

From the geometry to the NC program faster than ever before

With the push of a button, TruTops Boost is a special piece of software that can be used for the 2D/3D design and programming of laser, punching, punch laser, and bending machines.

All in one solution

You can cover several process steps and work consistently with the all-in-one solution. From the 2D/3D component to the finished NC programme for bending, punching, and laser programmes, every step in an order is included.

Here, the software considers the design, the linked Bend and Cut technologies, and their dependencies in order to ensure a quick production process.

The end result is consistent software with networked intelligence, which guarantees flawless machine-software interaction.

Fully integrated into your production

A perfect interaction between software and machine

Keep control of your processes and orders

  • With HomeZone, you can exercise centralised control even if you work in a group. In this case, you are totally independent of your clients’ file formats.
  • Imports in bulk and for assembly are also simple to accomplish.
  • You can always see all the work steps of an order with HomeZone, from 2D/3D design and unfolding to the bending programme and nesting, all the way up to the cutting or punching programme.
  • All orders can be displayed, carried out, and controlled in a clear and understandable manner thanks to the TruTops Boost interface with TecZone Cut (Laser, Punch, Nest), and TecZone Bend.

Control and program your tasks interactively

  • At the touch of a button, you can instantly programme and control your tasks interactively by pressing the Boost button.
  • Recognising recurring orders allows for optimal programming to maintain a high level of quality.
  • Making the best use of your material while minimising costs is made possible by the new Lean Nest nesting processor and the improved nesting algorithms.
  • Processor can account for the job’s nesting parameters, such as the start corner, part distances, and sheet margins.

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