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TruTops Calculate

TruTops Calculate

Calculate your projected costs quickly and simply and always be one step ahead of your competition.

Reliably calculating time and costs

To operate efficiently, your business needs precise production times and costs. With TruTops Calculate you have them all under control: Hourly machine rate, overhead charges, employee qualifications, average consumption and technology data are taken into account – for calculating individual parts or complete assemblies. And, you don’t need programming knowledge. On the basis of design engineering files or paper drawings you quickly have all the information you need.

Costs are presented with excellent clarity as a tree diagram to facilitate speedy analysis. The detailed calculation record simplifies discussions with customers. A further advantage: TruTops Calculate supports various currencies, at the touch of a button you get the exchange rate you need.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fast, precise and realistic calculation and palnning.
  • Uses technology data for TRUMPF machines.
  • Targeted optimization of production on the basis of cost calculations.
  • Once set up, the program runs automatically, also in batch operation.
  • Enables you to provide sound pricing information in response to telephone inquiries.