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The Biggest Problem with your Office Storage


….And How to Fix It

Ensuring you have the right office storage system in place is crucial for the smooth operation of your business. If you’re spending too much time trying to locate specific brochures or other important materials, it may negatively impact your productivity and cost your business in the long run.

We explore the biggest storage problems facing most offices today, and how to overcome them with automated office storage solutions from Hanel.


The items stored in your office – whether they are files, additional stock, marketing materials or a combination of each of these, needs to be easily accessible. Let’s face it – your files won’t be much good to you if they’re hard to access, so rather than settling for the average office storage cabinet, why not invest in an automated solution with easy to use control panels and carousel storage system. Want to locate financial documents? Simply look at the index, choose the relevant shelf, and key in the details into the control panel – easy as that!


Sure, your current office storage cupboard might fit your needs now, but what about in 10 years’ time? Ensure your storage system has enough capacity to match the scale of your growing business by choosing a solution that’s built to accommodate your needs. With fitted spacious shelves that rotate in a carousel format, the Hanel Office Rotomat is perfect for a growing business, giving you plenty of space.


Having a secure place to store your important office files and documents goes without saying – traditional office storage cabinets can only protect you to a degree. The Hanel Office Rotomat provides you with a secure space to lock away official company items, with lock and password protection features, giving you the peace of mind that they won’t be disrupted or accessed by the wrong individuals.


If you’re struggling with office storage having run out of space on site, things may get costly, by needing to look to rented spaces to store remaining items. Keep costs to a minimum by being smart about the type of office storage you choose for your business – automated storage keeps costs low by meeting your storage space requirements, amongst other things!

Smart Office Storage Solutions

Hanel office rotomat

If you’re looking for smart office storage solutions, look no further than the Hanel Rotomat Office Storage.

The Hanel Office Storage solution is a vertical system that uses the available room height of your office to its full potential – allowing you to store documents safely and securely, without incurring additional costs.

Key Features include:

  • User-friendly control panel system.
  • Requires no scheduled maintenance – unique to the industry!
  • Uses available room height to free up floor space for more desks.
  • Its Ergonomic design brings the correct file to eye level, ensuring no more bending, reaching, ladder climbing or walking long distances.
  • Stored items are protected from dust, light and unauthorised access.
  • Lock and password protected for secure document storage.
  • Improved processes, as documents can be retrieved in a matter of seconds.
  • Customised finishes available

Learn more about Hanel Office Rotomat here

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