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Case Study

Tackling the Construction Industry with the Maxiem Waterjet

Tackling the Construction Industry with the Maxiem Waterjet

DMG Engineering specialise in manufacturing parts for the marine, building and construction industries. With over 18 years experience, Damian McGeough and his team work hard to provide a quality product.

Building and construction are competitive industries not only within Australia but overseas as well. Damian says the competition overseas has impacted on the industry here at home.

“The industry in Australia is getting smaller, job sizes are also getting smaller due to everything getting imported at a price we can’t compete with,

“Profit margins are subsequently much smaller, yet there is an increasing expectation that the turn-around time must be shorter and shorter,” he says.

Although there is a need to keep up with a changing industry, Damian and the team at DMG believe that the companies success has come about through the ability to recognise a change in the industry they service.

“The ability to adapt to the current environment and recognising that specialising in any one area is a thing of the past,

“Having the flexibility to change with the times gives our potential customers what they want,” Damian says.

DMG Engineering recently invested in a waterjet from Headland Machinery and it has definitely played a great role in increasing productivity and efficiency.

“The waterjet has increased productivity due to in house cutting, allowing us to prioritise jobs rather than relying on external sources,” he says.

As the building and construction industries are extremely demanding, DMG Engineering tackle the needs of the industry using their waterjet which has the ability to cut a vast variety of materials with impressive accuracy and precision. They also use lathes, milling machines and welders.

Happy with the service provided by Headland, Damian can now focus his attention on meeting the demands of his customers.

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