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Quality Control for Hänel Vertical Storage Installations

Quality Control for Hänel Vertical Storage Installations

Our Quality Control Process After each Hänel Vertical Storage System Installation

When an installation is completed our engineers run the system through a series of quality checks to ensure it will perform as expected.

The series of tests the Hänel software takes the machines through include hardware and functions of the machine.

  • Check hardware: Physical components i.e. LED, light barriers, optical sensors or switches, check cable connections.
  • Check all the functions of the machines:  check the article heights, which goes through all the shelves one-by-one automatically. It will check the article heights and physical condition of each shelf. it will confirm if the alignments and caps are ok one by one

This process will take one hour to complete upon installations.

This is the best quality control for your Hänel installation and you can pick it up straight away and confirm if anything needs to be fixed before you use it.

In this video you can see how Ash is running the machine through a series of checks.


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