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New Touch Industries Drive Business with TRUMPF Machinery and STOPA Storage

New Touch Industries Drive Business with TRUMPF Machinery and STOPA Storage

Starting out in 2001 with just two employees, New Touch Industries now employ approximately 65 staff across multiple sites in Victoria. The laser cutting and fabrication specialists now operate 5 machines, 24 hours a day in Bayswater and Clayton South.

How New Touch Industries Stay Ahead of the Competition

New Touch Industries understand the importance of staying ahead of the game in such a competitive industry. By travelling both overseas and to exhibitions held in Australia, they are introduced to new technology.

Another focus is company culture. Brad Drury, Managing Director, explains “we are very focused on attracting, training and retaining great staff members. We truly believe that there is little point in having the right equipment and services without the staff to drive them. We believe that happy staff are great staff.”

“Our unique selling point is that we are an ISO 9001 accredited “one stop shop”, capable of offering high quality finished products at a fair price. We focus on quality, service and delivery – and are always striving to improve in these areas. If a customer needs something turned around quickly, they are relying on us to deliver.”

STOPA Storage is Driving Business

New Touch Industries value quality machinery that aids them in producing the best possible work for their customers. The company recently purchased a TRUMPF L68 Fiber Laser Cutter linked to a STOPA large-scale storage system, so it provides space for their raw sheets, finished parts, scrap and tube profiles. The STOPA storage system supplies machines 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – and consumes 25% less energy than other systems.

new touch laser cutting

They also recently purchased a TRUMPF 5170 Press Brake, and chose TRUMPF because they are renowned for their quality and reliability.

Brad says “we can now process thicker plates up to 25mm and much more intricate profiles along with much smaller holes in thicker plates, which was once impossible with our previous machinery. Now, we can now cut a 8mm diameter hole – sometimes even smaller – in 16mm M/S plate. In the past, this would have been pierced then the customer would need to drill it out. The fiber laser also allows us to cut copper and brass materials, which was not possible on the older Co2 machines.”

Where the Industry is Heading

New Touch Industries are confident about the growth of manufacturing, and our recent machinery investments reflect this. Our focus for the future is on our customers; we want to provide the best possible customer service and ensure that we are continually improving in all areas of our work, especially quality, service and delivery.

About New Touch Industries

New Touch Industries is renowned for providing high quality laser cutting and marking services at competitive prices. They offer an expanded range of services to meet your laser cutting and fabrication needs.

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