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Case Study

KAW Engineering are Delivering Services with “Minimal Fuss” with the OMAX 80X

KAW Engineering are Delivering Services with “Minimal Fuss” with the OMAX 80X

Originally named Karratha Aluminium Welding since the late 80s, KAW Engineering rebranded and have seen surprising growth since 2010.

Jared Fitzclarence, took over the Pilbara business, deciding to pay homage to the businesses beginnings by combining the initials of the original name. Their rebranding now represents the broader range of services KAW offer.

Since Jared took over the business, he says he has seen the business grow not only in employees but in the services the business provides.


“KAW Engineering started in 1986 and then I bought the business in 2010,” he says

“Since then, we have grown from 2 employees to about 40 at our peak,

“We now service the mining, marine, oil and gas and construction industries, offering welding, maintenance, model optimisation, plate processing and more,” Jared says.

Recently investing in the OMAX 80X, KAW are seeing the benefits of increased efficiency and accuracy as a result of the waterjet.


“The OMAX 80X has allowed us to be quicker in producing fabrication plates and the accuracy and responsiveness of the machine has improved efficiency,” he says.

“What we try to achieve is to deliver services with minimal fuss,

“We take basic instructions from our customers and interpret and visualise what they want,

“We try to produce parts in hours or days, rather than having customers wait weeks or months,” he says.

The OMAX 80X features high-precision linear drive technology and its robust and reliable system maximises both machine time and profit margins. The OMAX 80X is ideal for cutting larger or multiple part projects.


Headland Machinery and KAW Engineering have been working together for over a year, and overall Jared has been happy with the service he has received from Matt Weaver (Headland’s OMAX Application Engineer).

For more information on KAW Engineering’s services, click here to visit their website.