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Hänel Storage Systems Helping the Disabled in Germany


2 December 2019

Hänel recently received two orders from workshops for the disabled in Germany.

MWW is a social enterprise providing services to the disabled for over 30 years. People with challenges receive help in mastering tasks with daily life, work, and learning.

MWW is constructing a new building. It will feature a completely reorganised central material and equipment warehouse. A Lean-Lift 2460-825 with a height of 7,504 mm will assist. This entails the space-saving storage of the following consumables and small items:

  • Screws
  • O-rings
  • Spare parts for production machinery;
  • And more.

MWW administrators visited the Hänel Demo Centre this year. They learned about the advantages of the MP12 N-S. As a high-performance stand-alone controller, it includes integrated warehouse management.

In the future, MWW will use:

  • The optional access code management module
  • The transaction journal module
  • Article pool management for storage position allocation; and
  • To ensure item tracking.

Another option is Pick-O-Light Vario for better item identification.

UAW is a workshop for the disabled. People seeking employment receive training and work placements. The work offered is usually production-based.

Two Rotomat 946 industrial lifts, each with a height of 3,440 mm, will assist UAW’s new warehouse. The Rotomats will store bins containing small items and spare parts. The Hanel systems will ensure clean, protected and well-organised storage. Based on the simple controller, item picking will also be easier.

Earlier this year, three other German disability-related organisations purchased Hanel systems. Some of these organisations then recommended Hanel to UAW.

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