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Headland Technology’s Oktoberfest in sunny Brisbane


Headland Technology recently brought the spirit of Oktoberfest to sunny Brisbane with a lively celebration to thank its valued customers. Our Bavarian-themed event was held on Thursday, October 26th at our Brisbane location.

With more than 70 clients, 10 esteemed guests from Sandvik Coromant, and 15 enthusiastic employees in attendance, Headland Technology ensured that the festivities were nothing short of authentic. The Oktoberfest-themed event was replete with all the elements that make this traditional German celebration so special. Attendees were greeted with the sight of clinking beer steins brimming with specialty brews, and the tantalising aroma of traditional dishes filled the air. Bratwurst, pretzels, and homemade German potato salad were served in abundance, allowing guests to savour the delicious, hearty flavours of Bavarian cuisine. To further enhance the experience, some of the staff embraced the festive spirit by donning dirndls and lederhosen, traditional Bavarian attire. Their attire, combined with the lively sounds of Bavarian music, created an atmosphere that transported everyone straight to the heart of Oktoberfest in Munich. The authentic feel of the event was not lost on anyone, as Headland Technology aimed to provide its customers with a true Oktoberfest experience right in sunny Brisbane.

Our Oktoberfest celebration was more than just an event; it was an expression of gratitude. We wanted to show our appreciation for our customers in a manner that went beyond words and judging by the sight of full steins and happy faces, it was clear that the event had achieved its goal. It marked the company’s first-ever Oktoberfest event held in Brisbane, and by all accounts, it was a resounding success.

This celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Sandvik Coromant, the event’s sponsor. Headland Technology extended a special thanks to Sandvik Coromant for its generosity and collaboration in making the evening a memorable one. The partnership between the two companies ensured that the event was a grand success and that the attendees had an unforgettable time.

As we look to the future we do so with the confidence that we will continue to raise its metaphorical steins high in appreciation of our valued customers. Headland’s commitment to delivering bespoke manufacturing solutions and services for all our valued clients will undoubtedly lead to more celebrations like this one, where customers and partners come together to celebrate in style.

We look forward to raising steins together well into the future!

Prost to another successful year and thank you to all of our customers for joining us! Feel free to watch the video.