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Case Study

Di Candilo Steel City are “Adding Value to Products” with TRUMPF

Di Candilo Steel City are “Adding Value to Products” with TRUMPF

Di Candilo Steel City have over 40 years’ experience supplying steel products for the mining, oil and gas and Government industries. With their extensive knowledge and insight into the industries they service, the team at Di Candilo have what it takes to meet their customer’s needs.

Lou Shabani, General Manager at Di Candilo Steel City says, the company has seen an increase in business size growing from 20 to 50 employees. Di Candilo Steel City is seen as one of the leading processing steel suppliers in Western Australia

“Our Speciality is the processing of steel products and meeting our clients’ needs with short lead-times at a competitive price,

“We take pride in delivering a high quality processed product and meeting our customer’s expectations,” he says.


Over the years, they have seen a shift in how different industries are performing. As the economic climate is tough, there is always a need to find new ways to remain ahead of the competition.

“The economic climate is very tough at the moment, competition is harsh and margins are eroding,” Lou says.

“It is important to be able to offer the client a more complete package to become more favourable within the marketplace,

“Having various types of processing machines allows us to have a competitive edge within the market as well as diversity,

“Offering additional services and adding value to products is what we are about,” he says.

In addition to Di Candilo’s profile machines, plasma machines, bandsaws, guillotine, punch/cropping and TRUMPF TruLaser 5060, they have installed a second TRUMPF TruLaser to assist them with customer demand and product precision.



“It was important for us to move with technology and embrace the new industry standard in sheet/plate cutting,” 

“It is also important for us to put high quality machines within our business that is accompanied with a high level of service and backup,” he says.

Di Candilo and Headland Machinery have worked together for a number of years and Lou says that the customer service they have experienced has been exceptional.

“The service organisation and team at Headland are second to none,

“They have proven they are extremely knowledgeable and are always looking, not only to fix any issue so production can continue, but also find out why it happened so they can reduce the risk of it happening again,” he says.

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