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QUIZ: Guess the Age of This Copy Punch Press

QUIZ: Guess the Age of This Copy Punch Press

We unearthed two old TRUMPF Copy Punch Press machines at Adelaide Letterboxes that are still in use.

Can you guess how old these machines are?

Contact Headland to let us know your guesstimate of this copy punch press.

copy punch press  copy punch press

copy punch press 

Fast forward to today and you can experience the latest TRUMPF punching technology.

You can process a diverse range of parts with flexible TRUMPF TruPunch machines. Use one device to form sheet metal parts, integrate thread as well as punching. Intelligent automation options are available to increase your productivity and setup times. The punching head can turn the tool to any angle.

For superior part quality, innovative active and descending die, choose TRUMPF TruPunch. Select from entry-level, upgradable machines (TruPunch 1000) to productive, high-end machinery (TruPunch 5000).