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Headland Support Helps 3Metals Provide the Right Service at the Right Price

Headland Support Helps 3Metals Provide the Right Service at the Right Price

3Metals have been in business for five years and have since grown steadily. Starting out with six employees, the company provide laser cutting, CNC pressing, robotic welding and fabrication services, now with 32+ members of staff.  

Primarily servicing the construction industry, 3Metals specialise in commercial buildings and domestic buildings along with manufacturing and mining.  

Keeping Abreast of New Technology 

Michael Fletcher, Director, explains they place prime importance on keeping abreast of new technology, because advanced machinery enables them to remain efficient, providing the best customer experience possible in terms of turnaround time, product and service.  

The Right Service at the Right Price

While price is always a big driver in customer decision making, 3Metals don’t believe in being the cheapest.  

Michael says, “we believe in giving the right service at the right price. Our service encompasses a decent turnaround time and our products are manufactured to excellent quality. We don’t sacrifice quality for price, nor do we use cheap materials.” 

Prioritising Local Aussie Supplies 

3Metals pride themselves on supporting Aussies, using local supplies and raw materials. 

Michael says, “it’s important to us that we support the Aussie economy and source all materials locally, as we believe that it enhances our product offering and services to our customers.” 

Laser is the Core of the Business 

Michael explains that laser is the first process before adding any other values to it, therefore it’s crucial that 3Metals use the best quality machinery possible. 

“If the laser breaks down, it affects downstream value-added processes. We need reliable machinery at the source, which makes a fabricator’s job much easier down the line.” 

A Quick, Efficient Factory: TruBend 5130, KUKA Robotic Welder and TruLaser 5030

3Metals also offer a range of solutions to customers in design, with a great deal of recent investment in the design team. With a recent purchase of a TRUMPF TruBend 5130 press brake, the sheet metal experts can now focus on designs for customers, adding more folds and presses to achieve the same goal but at a cheaper price. The press brake also offers more accurate folding and designing of complex parts. 

Along with the TruBend 5130, 3Metals also purchased a KUKA robotic welder to enable them to be competitive on higher volume welding assemblies, and a TRUMPF 5030 6kW laser, choosing to remain with a CO2 laser to offer top quality parts with stainless steel and aluminum. 

Having used TRUMPF machinery for 20+ years, Michael says that he favoured this brand over the competition “because it’s the best you can buy. It’s the most reliable brand out there, plus it’s backed up by Headland service. We chose KUKA because it’s the best robotic brand available – we’ve used others in the past but German technology is unbeatable.” 

Furthermore, this combination of machinery means that 3Metals has, and continues to grow immensely, as they can run their TRUMPF 5030 laser 24/7, enabling them to sell more. Requiring less manual operation, errors are eliminated which means less downtime. A reliable press brake doesn’t produce rejects and doesn’t require multiple processes to be carried out, resulting in a quick, efficient factory. 

Dependable Service and Support 

“Headland’s service team in Queensland are outstanding. Focused, willing to help, and informative, I would recommend them to anyone. Their reliable service and support means that we can continue to provide the best customer experience possible,” says Michael.  

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