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Case Study

The TRUMPF 3000 is a Knockout at NorthWest Laser & Punch

The TRUMPF 3000 is a Knockout at NorthWest Laser & Punch

When NorthWest Laser & Punch were looking for a new punch machine – they knew TRUMPF and Headland would be one of the first they would call.

“Already owning a TRUMPF Laser machine, we saw first hand the quality it provided for our production line, and the Headland Service guarantee that came along with it. So when it came time to invest in a Punch machine, we knew TRUMPF would be one of the first places to look.

“We started looking into the punching technology as another way to cut and keep our energy costs low. We also looked at TRUMPF as a way to expand our services.

“The automation features of the TRUMPF TruPunch 3000 got us over the line. The machine was around the same price as the closest competitors’, but we felt more comfortable with Headland.

“While we considered the others, we enjoy working with Headland, their service team are always friendly and answer their phones – which is really nice. They also work to all hours to get our machine installed.

“Once we got the new punch, we also had to update our name to reflect our new capabilities and Headland’s marketing company, Industry Marke branded our company, developed our logo, website and business cards. From machine to website, we now have the whole package.”  

– Grant Currell, Director and Laser Operator, NorthWest Laser & Punch

 About NorthWest Laser & Punch  

Established in 2006, NorthWest Laser & Punch is a family run business, owned and operated by the Currell family from their Mulgrave, New South Wales factory.

Grant and Mitchell Currell with the TRUMPF TruPunch 3000
Grant and Mitchell Currell with the TRUMPF TruPunch 3000

With over 30 years industry experience, NorthWest Laser & Punch strongly believe in investing in technology for the future. Armed and ready with this belief, their reputation for great service and reliable workmanship of perfectly finished products is unmatched.

For your next Laser or Punch project, contact Grant via the new NorthWest Laser & Punch website: