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VisiConsult XRH222

Unmatched efficiency and process safety

The XRH222 from VisiConsult is one of the most versatile cabinets on the market for use in all kinds of applications such as real-time Digital Radioscopy (DR), fully automated ADR and 3D-CT analysis. Automated inspection process sequences result in unmatched efficiency and process safety.

The XRH222 has a robust industrial design, and manufactured to highest quality standard. The system is works with two separate manipulators: the 4 Axis part manipulator and a C-Arm can be controlled in a decoupled way. Due to the ultra-precise motors and the XPlus Handle all functionalities of the cabinet and image enhancement software can be easily automated by the operator without any programming knowledge.

The standard XRH222 supports 160kV, 225kV and micro-focus. Alternatively 320kV and 450kV are also available for thicker materials. In case of exceptionally big parts the XL version can even accommodate heights of up to 3250mm.

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