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Prize Winning Innovation is Making a Difference to Riordan Engineering

Prize Winning Innovation is Making a Difference to Riordan Engineering

KASTOs new range of fully automated band saws are improving workplace efficiency with their economical design.

Released in 2014, KASTOs new KASTOwin range consists of five different models, each offering the operator greater efficiency, precision and increased productivity. Riordan Engineering are reaping the benefits after the installation of the KASTOwin A3.3.

Over the last 30 years, Director Brian Wisneske has seen many changes to his business, which provides specialist engineering and precision machining services to businesses in and around Mildura. Covering a broad range of industry sectors, they require machinery that improves their business efficiency. Riordan Engineering have continued to invest in the latest technology to keep up with evolving  client demands, and continue to offer their clients the highest level of workmanship at competitive rates.

It didn’t take much for Brian to be persuaded when it came to purchasing the KASTO – the machines innovative design won him over. Brian says that ease of use and functionality made the KATSOwin A3.3 the right choice for his business.

“The great thing about the machine is anyone can use it,” Brian says.

“It has allowed us to reduce labour, while increasing productivity and production,

“The best part is we can make anything, we just turn [the KASTO] it on and let it go,” he says.

The KASTOwin A3.3 has a 330 x 350 mm cutting range and offers a number of benefits for companies who are looking for precise, accurate and efficient time saving technology.

The key benefits of this state-of-the-art machine:

  • Quick motion using servo drive and ball screw spindle for the material feed and the linear guided saw frame
  • Customised to the specific application using a modular system design
  • Automatic band guide arm adjustment
  • Quick and easy programming via colour touch-screen
  • “SmartControl” to ensure high bandsaw blade lifetime with “Kasto respond” that monitors force and automatically adjusts parameters for optimal cutting speeds and feeds
  • Initial 0 mm measurement for fully automatic position of first cut
  • Safety package which includes blade defection, coolant flow and saw band monitoring functions
  • Incremental feed for cutting batches of short pieces
  • Frequency controlled drive for cutting speed up to 150 m/min.

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