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Experience high precision waterjet cutting with the OMAX MAXIEM at AMW 2023


AMW 2023 is an exciting event where we get to show off the latest and greatest technologies from our partners. This year Headland Technology will be showcasing the highly versatile OMAX’s MAXIEM. On our stand you can see this high productivity, highly affordable machine produce best in class cutting results.

The MAXIEM is suited for both expert and novice water jet users, and opens up the most advanced abrasive water jet technology to the entry level user.

Especially suited for high precision cutting

The highly advanced software in MAXIEM provides one-micron resolution instant feedback to the motor system, allowing the machine to know where the cutting head is at all times to minute detail, making this machine highly suited to high precision parts.

Easier to use than ever before

Easy operation was first in mind for the MAXIEM – it’s mobile control station with 23””widescreen display allows a high level of flexibility in controller positioning and makes it easier than ever to keep an overview of your programming jobs. 5-axis cutting is possible with the optional A-Jet accessory, as well as taper compensation and rapid water level control for submerged cutting. 

Due to limited tool change and minimal fixturing, the MAXIEM setup times are dramatically  reduced allowing you to program and run jobs faster than ever before.

Consistently produce high-integrity cut parts

A major bonus of this water jet machining centre is that it does not produce heat-affected zones and mechanical stresses during the cutting process. This in turn produces cut parts with greater structural integrity than conventional cutting methods.

Suitable for a wide range of materials and applications

Whatever your cutting application is the MAXIEM likely has a solution. The machine is suited for a wide range of materials and thicknesses – metal, composites, glass, plastics and more.

Experience this high speed, high precision waterjet in person on our stand

Come visit our stand (MT441) during AMW where you can see the MAXIEM in full operation. We will be cutting test parts all day and showcasing all the functionality of the machine. See up close and personal the high speed and high precision capabilities of the MAXIEM. Our Waterjet expert Matthew Weaver will be on standby walking you through its functionality in detail and answering any questions you may have.


OMAX Maxiem 1530 Data Sheet

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