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More Than Able at Able Cutting Formes

More Than Able at Able Cutting Formes

With their Maxiem 1530 Waterjet, Able Cutting Formes are now more than able to cut anything 

Established in 1984, Able Cutting Formes manufactures profiles for the paper and packaging industry. Based in Thomastown, Melbourne, Able Cutting Formes is run by two generations of the Schembri family.

When Able Cutting Formes first looked into adding a waterjet to their shop in early 2012, they were looking for a more efficient way to do business, and one that wouldn’t drastically effect their day-to-day schedule. 

Headland’s Samantha Kloe spoke to Paul Schembri of Able Cutting Formes on how the Maxiem 1530 waterjet has revolutionised future projects.

“When we first started looking around for a waterjet, we were looking for something that would compliment the work we were currently doing,” Paul said.

“Choosing the Maxiem 1530 waterjet provided an alternative to laser machining with the additional detail we required. It also meant that we were now capable of cutting a wider range of materials such as rubber, foam, glass, stone and any metal or alloys without heat transfer.”

Experienced in the design, flatbed, rotary and die cutting industries, Able Cutting Formes’ basic search meant finding a waterjet that could cut through a range of profiles.

“We needed a waterjet that could cut more than one profile, that’s why we looked at the Maxiem. Our 1530 has so far provided us the versatility we need and also has a quick and easy set-up and programming functionality which is important in a busy workshop like ours.”

Nearly 18 months on, the Maxiem 1530 waterjet has already changed the business, thanks to their focus on niche industries and products that are best kept on local shores.

MAXIEM 1530 Water Jet at Able Cutting Formes
MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet at Able Cutting Formes

“It’s only been a bit over a year, but we can definitely see the growth for the business already.

“Since the 1530, we can now enter new markets we previously weren’t a part of. What makes it better for us, as well as Australian manufacturing in general is that these markets are unlikely to go offshore – due to the size and weight of these materials; it needs to be kept local – and that’s good news for everyone.” 

Invest today, invest for the future

Already having seen positive growth in such a short time span, Able Cutting Formes are looking forward to a successful future thanks to their waterjet investment.

“This machine means we can provide the whole solution to the customer in a wider range of industries. Along with waterjet cutting services, we’re also experienced in Laser and CNC services, so the Maxiem 1530 waterjet has really expanded our capabilities and market potential for new business.

“It’s amazing what we get asked to cut. Customers are always surprised at the speed and efficiency with which we can service their needs, no matter how unique, so its definitely a win-win.”

Able Cutting Formes
Able Cutting Formes

About Able Cutting Formes

Able Cutting Formes’ core business is dedicated to the manufacture of profiles for the paper and packaging industry. Started in 1984 by Fred Schrembi, brothers Paul, Mark and Steve are all now part of the family company.

The newest division of the company, Able Cutting Profiles was developed two years ago in 2011 as a way to focus on more unique profile cutting services. Working with a diverse a range of businesses, the Maxiem waterjet has been the driving factor in expanding Able Cutting Profiles and ensuring success now and into the future.