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Case Study

Case Study – MJG Stone – How to manufacture high-end stone products safe and effectively with waterjets


How to manufacture high-end stone products safe and effectively with waterjets

 Headland recently caught up with Mathew Galea from MJG Stone about how their business is growing in these times and what equipment helps them along the way.

 About MJG Stone

This company was established in 2019, however, its owners are experienced professionals that have been in the industry for over 20 years. Their focus is on high-end products with high-end service, which is why they’re often trusted with high-end projects.  They work with materials, such as, natural marble and granite, engineered stone and wide format porcelain to create benchtops, vanities, floor and wall coverings.

“MJG Specialise in the high-end of the residential market. Our team have many years of experience in the industry coupled with specialised hi-end machinery such as our new 5 axis OMAX Maxiem waterjet allow us to deliver a second-to-none product” says Galea.

Growth of the Business

Their growth has been steady over the last two years, with COVID having a positive effect on their business.

“There has been an increase in home renovations since the pandemic, I suspect with people spending more time at home they are finding out what needs to be improved to make their home more liveable”, says Galea.

 What are the elements for success at MJG Stone?

“You need skilled staff that are passionate about what they do, however, you also need the right technology and know how to use it properly. At MJG Stone we are so fortunate to have a group of like-minded and experienced individuals with a focus on quality and high levels of customer service”.

“With any new piece of technology, we invest in, it has to be reliable. We do a lot of research and ensure we are buying quality equipment. Whatever we buy, it must have local technical support. It’s vital to keep our machines up and running to continue to meet deadlines and produce excellent products and provide great service to our clients, says Galea.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/ZcBaJOSGdD8″ title=”MJG Stone machining deckton in a safe and effective way” description=”MJG Stone machining deckton in a safe and effective way” loop=”no” muted=”no” /]

Machine technology

The Maxiem 5-axis waterjet helps service the high-end of the market

“Due to the market we search, we are constantly called upon to create faceted curves and porcelain/dekton benchtops. Having a 5-axis waterjet in-house allows us to control our production line internally without the need to outsource or create stone pieces by hand.

“We have one 3-axis waterjet machine. The 5-axis will make our third waterjet for our shop. It’s a safe way of machining stone, with the water element you minimise the dust and we are Silicosis compliant which is fantastic.

We have loved using them (3-axis Maxiems) over the years. They have proven to be a reliable and efficient unit over the last 10-15 years. Buying a new 5 axis OMAX Maxiem was an easy choice, based on our previous experience with the brand” Galea says.

Other types of equipment at MJG Stone 

“We are a full stone Fabricator, so we use a combination of bridge saws, line polishers and CNC routers. Each piece of machinery has its place and certain brands in our experience are better at certain tasks. In our opinion, OMAX Maxiem are the best for waterjets” Galea says.

What’s the real value of the machinery you have in your factory? 

“Reliability and backup service are the main aspects of machinery we rely upon and create one of the main decision making factors when buying a new piece of machinery. Our machines are running night and day 6 days a week non-stop. We cannot have machines down and if they do go down, we need them back up and running without delay. We run tight

deadlines and a tight shop, so we need machinery that will perform”, Galea says.

Headland Service

Can you comment on the level of service you have received from Headland?

“On the rare occasion that we have had an issue with our OMAX waterjets we have been able to sort in-house with the support of Headland. The OMAX units are simple to fix which allows us to do most maintenance and repairs ourselves. We are confident that when needed Headland have the capacity to sort any issues without delay”, Galea says.

What are your thoughts on the industry?

The stone benchtop industry has been strong for some years now. There are new products continually entering the market which is taking market share away from laminate and solid surface. stone or porcelain are now the norm for any new kitchen.

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